as of 1 August 2023

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Grenadilla wood, Sterling Silver, bridged mechanism
    (includes head joint, case, cover, flag and cleaning rod)   .  .  .  .  .  .  .
Pitch A-442 A-444  A-440
Head Joint Style (included with piccolo):

Head Joint Options
14K Rose Gold head joint inner sleeve $175
14K Rose Gold rings, inner sleeve and outer sleeve $950
Mechanism Options
C# Trill mechanism (includes G/A trill key) $900
Split E mechanism $400
Brossa F# key $130
Vented C key $100
All cork pads $300
14K Rose Gold mechanism call
Body Options  
14K Rose Gold body tennon $____14K_body_tennon____
14K Rose Gold body tennon, rings and finger buttons $____14K_body_tennon_rings_buttons____

Separate Head Joint  
Grenadilla wood with Sterling Silver fittings $1000
Cocus wood with Sterling Silver fittings $1300

Case and cover for piccolo and 1 head joint $273
Case and cover for piccolo and 2 head joints $342
Combo flute/piccolo case and cover $453
Head joint case $125
Soft head joint case $30
Piccolo Flag™ (full length swab) $50
Wooden cleaning rod $12


Order total: 

The price of each piccolo includes a velvet-lined leather case, a nylon shearling case cover, a cleaning cloth, a cleaning rod and a Piccolo Flag™ cleaning swab. The price of each separate head joint includes a soft case, a cleaning rod and a Piccolo Flag™. Prices for new instruments include postage and insurance within the USA. Prices for accessories do not include postage or insurance. Add 6.25% sales tax for sales within Massachusetts. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Major credit cards accepted. 3% discount for payment in cash.